for SATA CommHealth members

SATA CommHealth is a company limited by guarantee under The Companies Act, Cap. 50.

The Members of SATA CommHealth shall be:

Subscribers to the memorandum and Articles of Association.

  • Such persons as the Directors may, from time to time, elect as Honorary Members, provided their written consent to become Members is obtained.
  • Persons, approved by the Directors, who pay such subscriptions for Life, Ordinary, and Institutional Membership as shall be decided, from time to time, by the Directors.
  • The Directors may refuse an application for membership without assigning any reason and the decision of the Directors shall be final.

All members except Honorary Members shall pay such subscriptions in such manner and at such time as shall be determined by the Directors. Subject to any future decision by the Directors, the subscriptions shall be as follows:

  • Life Member - $1,000
  • Ordinary Member - $50 annually
  • Institutional Member - $200 annually

To view our Memorandum and Articles of Association, please click here.