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    Advance Care Planning (ACP) and Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

      What is Advance Care Planning and Lasting Power of Attorney?

      Advance Care Planning (ACP) is the process in which you discuss, plan and document your future healthcare preferences with your loved ones and healthcare providers, in the event you are unable to make such decisions for yourself in the future.

      This conversation will let you share your personal values and beliefs and help your loved ones understand how these will impact your healthcare preferences in different medical circumstances.

      The Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document that allows you to appoint one or more persons (also known as a donee) to plan the management of your affairs in the event of a loss of mental capacity. This should be done with someone you trust, and is reliable and competent to act on your behalf.

      The use of an LPA is especially important if one is the sole breadwinner for the family, or is frequently beset with health problems.

      Now you can complete your ACP and LPA at any one of our medical centres. 
      Call 6244 6688 to enquire or make an appointment with us.

      Should you wish to start the conversation with us, you should take note of the below


      • Read, download, print and where possible, fill up the ACP Workbook – Start The Conversation.
      • Should you have difficulties downloading and printing the ACP Workbook, please let our ACP Case Manager know.
      • Each ACP session will take approximately 45 minutes.


      • An LPA form will be emailed to you to read and understand the information required.
      • You are required to come along with your donee(s) for the LPA consult. However, should your donee be not able to attend the session, the form can be signed by the donee and witnessed.
      • Each LPA session will take approximately 30 minutes.

      *A short consultation fee is chargeable for extended clarifications/assistance to complete the LPA forms on appointment date. No refunds will be given for unsuitable/unsuccessful certification should our doctors deem so.

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