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    Amanda Wong

    Join us at our Osteoporosis and Fall Prevention Festival Webinar!

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    Date: 19 November 2021
    Time: 3pm – 4pm

    What’s wrong with my shoes? – Footwear and falls prevention

    As a podiatrist, Amanda sees many elderly patients in her line of work. Many are fearful of falling or have dramatically decreased their activity level due to fear from a previous fall. Poor Footwear choices can lead to an increase risk in falling.
    The question that Amanda asked the most whenever she conduct footwear education with my patients is “What’s wrong with my shoes?” Let’s learn about the aim of good footwear and what are the features to look out for when buying footwear.

    By Speaker: Amanda Wong

    Senior Podiatrist

    National Healthcare Group Polyclinics

    Amanda graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor in Health Sciences and Master of Podiatric Practice. Upon graduation, Amanda started working in an acute hospital where she was able to gain clinical experience for both acute and chronic cases.

    Amanda is currently working as a Podiatrist in NHGP and is currently based in Hougang Polyclinic. She sees many chronic elderly patients for podiatric review and also for footwear and footcare education. Amanda has a keen interest in diabetic foot ulcers and works closely with a multidisciplinary team in Hougang Polyclinic to better manage and support these patients

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