SATA Hotline :  62446688


    Volunteer with us!

    Be a part of the healthcare outreach family and make a difference!

    As a volunteer, you can make a difference to touch the lives of many people in the community. You will find this experience both meaningful and rewarding. Our efforts are made possible with the help of many who have volunteered their services with us. We welcome like-minded volunteers to help drive our community healthcare outreach.

    At SATA CommHealth, we are HERE TO CARE for the health of the seniors and vulnerable in the community. Help make our purpose a reality.

    We need help with:
    •  Health Advocates
    •  E-Ambassadors
    •  Fundraisers
    •  Service Ambassadors
    •  Skills Based Volunteers

    If you are keen to sign up as our volunteer, please sign up online here or email us at or call 6244 6688 to find out more.

    Read our Volunteer Management Policy here.




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