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    Benefits of applying e-GIRO for PCP monthly instalment payment & FAQ

    What is E-Giro ?

    eGIRO is a nationwide service that fully digitalises the current paper-based GIRO application process.  eGIRO processes applications efficiently and securely within minutes, enabling consumers and businesses to set up their GIRO instructions in real time.

    Benefits of e-GIRO

    Applying for e-GIRO offers you multiple benefits, including:

    • Free of Charge e-GIRO application via corporate portal
    • Avoid human errors and long turnaround time of up to 4 weeks related to paper GIRO form application
    • Receive email notification on your approved application
    • Cost reduction – save on administrative expenses such as the cost of cheque and postage
    • Simple set-up – all you need is internet banking access
    • Timely payment – avoid late payment penalties and enforcement action by MOM for defaulted payments.
    • Environmentally sustainable solution – completely paperless. Please note we do not offer paper GIRO form application.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1.   What are the participating banks for the eGIRO application?

    Personal or Corporate Banking – DBS, OCBC, UOB, Maybank and Bank of China

    Personal Banking only – Standard Chartered, HSBC and ICBC

    2.   How long does it take to process an eGIRO application?

    Your eGIRO application is processed by our system and your bank.

    Your approver(s) must be able to approve the application within 48 hours else the application will expire, and you will have to submit a fresh one.

    3.   How will I know if my eGIRO application is successful?

    You will receive a SMS/email notification from bank upon successful submission of the eGIRO application.

    We will inform you of the application outcome through email.

    4.   I encountered an error when applying for eGIRO. What should I do?

    If you faced an error while submitting your eGIRO application from your internet banking, please check with your bank for assistance.

    For other errors while you are in the Corporate Portal, please share us the screenshot and send to

    5.   When will the 1st GIRO deduction take effect?

    Once your eGIRO has been approved, we will attempt to deduct your current end month PCP instalment invoice by the 12th of the following month.

    Please do not make further payment to us unless we reached out to you for payment to avoid double/ overpayment.

    Sample illustration of your GIRO deduction:

    Date of eGIRO approvalDate of 1st eGIRO deductionInvoice Date of 1st eGIRO deduction
    Approved on 25th FebDeduction by 12th MarInvoice date 28th Feb
    Approved on 4th MarDeduction by 12th AprInvoice date 31st Mar
    6.   Why are there no deductions made from GIRO although my application has been approved?

    If you have applied for a new GIRO arrangement, the earliest that we can deduct is your current end month PCP instalment invoice.

    Any outstanding invoice prior to eGIRO approval will not be included in the deduction.

    We request your payment by bank transfer or PayNow to our UEN*.

    *Always indicate your PCP account number and/or PCP invoice number

    If you are already on eGIRO, some common reasons for unsuccessful deductions are:

    •    Insufficient balance in the GIRO account on the date of deduction

    •    Deduction amount exceeding the GIRO payment limit set

    •    Closure of GIRO account

    •    Termination of the GIRO arrangement at the bank

    Please check with your bank for more information.

    7.   Why do I still receive reminder letters to pay for my PCP instalment invoices if I am already on eGIRO?

    We send reminder letters when there are unsuccessful GIRO deductions and the outstanding balance remain unpaid.

    If you are already on eGIRO, check with your bank on the reasons for unsuccessful deductions.

    8.   How do I change or terminate my existing GIRO arrangement?

    Change GIRO account

    You can submit a new eGIRO application.

    Terminate existing GIRO arrangement

    You can login to your respective banks’ online banking portals to terminate the existing Standing Order.

    For more information, please contact your bank.

    9.   How do I check my eGIRO application or termination status?

    You can login to your respective banks’ online banking portals to check the status.

    You may also check the status thru the Corporate Portal.

    10. Where can I read more about eGIRO?

    Learn more about eGIRO through


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