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    Bone Mineral Densitometry

    What is Bone Mineral Densitometry?

    Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD) scan is a painless, non-invasive procedure that evaluates a person’s risk of sustaining a bone fracture and helps to detect osteoporosis.

    Why do you need Bone Mineral Densitometry?

    The result from the Bone Mineral Densitometry test is reviewed by our doctor who will discuss potential changes to lifestyle and treatments with the patient. The elderly or those over 65 years of age are especially encouraged to consult their doctor for a BMD scan.

    How does the test work?

    The Bone Mineral Densitometry test uses X-rays to estimate bone density and thickness, measuring how much calcium and minerals are in a part of the bones.

    This service is available at SATA CommHealth Bedok or Potong Pasir Medical Centre by appointment only.

    Please call our Hotline at 6244 6688 for more information and/or booking of appointment.

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    Nurse preparing patient for Bone Mineral Densitometry scanPatient going through Bone Mineral Densitometry scan

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