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    Charity Compliance Indicators & Fund-raising/Grant

    Charity Compliance Indicators

    The Commissioner of Charities (COC) launched the Charity Compliance Indicators for all IPCs on 16 January 2024.

    ​​​​​​​​​​​This initiative is to assist donors in making informed decisions when donating, by allowing donors to see where a charity stands in terms of regulatory compliance and adoption of best practices.

    The indicators comprise the following key information.

    1. Charity Transparency / Charity Governance Awards received by the IPC in the recent 3 years;​
    2. Fund-raising Expense Ratio for the IPC’s latest Financial Year (“FY”);
    3. Level of compliance with the Code of Governance for Charities and IPCs; and
    4. Submission status of the IPC’s regulatory submissions for the latest FY.

    Click here to view the full details.


    Our annual Flag Day stands as a crucial fundraising occasion, enabling us to sustain the provision of vital healthcare services to seniors in rental flats, migrant workers, and others encountering difficulties in accessing essential healthcare. This year, we are grateful for the generous support of educational institutions and dedicated volunteers rallying behind our cause. Together, we have successfully raised a total of $32,803.64. Every donation we receive will be met with a dollar-for-dollar match; this is an invaluable opportunity to amplify our efforts in supporting SATA CommHealth programmes.

    We also receive funding from the President’s Challenge Fund and Community Silver Trust Matching Grant. These funds will be fully deployed within their approved period to maximise their impact.

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