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    Chris Hughes

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    Date: 21 November 2021
    Time: 11-12pm

    Falling and Drop Foot

    l. Understanding Foot Drop (or Drop Foot)
    II. Severity Levels and Bracing Options
    III. Patient Compliance
    IV. Gaining Confidence in Not Falling
    V. Muscle Atrophy (Weakening) vs. Retention of Stabilizing Muscles
    VI. Correcting for Deformities that can Lead to Falling
    VII. Applying The Elevate Drop Foot Brace
    VIII. Preventing Falling in Children with Foot Drop
    IX. Avoiding Falling from Rolling/Spraining the Ankle

    By Speaker: Chris Hughes

    Founder & CEO

    Foot Scientific USA

    Mr Chris Hughes is COO and a Principle Owner of Footmind, Inc. and FootScientific in Draper, Utah since 2011. He developed four foot and ankle products in conjunction with Foot and Ankle Surgeon and Physical Therapist. He also moved products from concept through manufacturing and to market.

    Chris is also the owner of Connections Counseling Services and Integrative Life Counseling in Provo and Holladay, UT set up in November 2014 to date. He provides administrative and clinical support to therapists working with families and individuals.

    In 2009-2010, Chris was Clinical Director of Utah State Development Center located at American Fork, Utah. He provided supervision for, and participate in, assessment, treatment planning and other duties related to behavioural modification.

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