SATA Cares Programme

For CHAS Blue cardholder

FAQ on the SATA Cares subsidy scheme:
What additional benefit does the SATA Cares subsidy provide?
SATA Cares provides additional subsidies on top of the CHAS subsidy. It is a community programme that helps CHAS Blue cardholders receive affordable medical care with low out-of-pocket expenses.

Do I need to use my Medisave?
No. You do not need to tap on your Medisave.

Are the blood tests expensive?
As illustrated overleaf, it can be fully subsidised as long as it does not exceed the yearly cap.

Are the medications “inferior” since they are less expensive?
Generic medications, which are usually prescribed are just as effective as “branded” medicines.


Please call our Hotline at 6244 6688 for more information and find out how you can register for this subsidy scheme.

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