Health Talks

SATA CommHealth believes in preventive healthcare and offers talks on nutrition and cooking demonstrations. Our talks are designed to inform and educate the public on healthy living and staying positive. They are listed below.

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Nutrition & Wellness Talks

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Post Health Screening Talk (1 hr)
Understanding Health Screening Results And how to improve!
The first step to check our health status starts with going for a health screening. But more importantly is to understand what the results mean and how to improve those factors that need to. Our Dietitian will give simple, practical lifestyle and dietary tips.

Lunch Talk (1 hr)
1. Enhance My Health
We go back to the basics of the art of eating. Too often we rush through a meal in minutes and rush off to do something urgent. We have forgotten how food really tastes & what our sense of fullness means.
We will look at how we eat and what we eat. Find out what healthy eating is, learn the different food groups and the proportion of food needed for good health. Be proactive and see how easy it is to take simple steps to enhance your health.

2. Lose Weight, Not Life
With countless diet products and programes, it would seem easy to lose weight. However, many of these irresistible gimmicks simply do not deliver the results they promise. Learn how to manage weight in a healthy way that works.

3. Look After Your Heart: A Nutrition Talk on Cholesterol
Forget about what you know about eggs, seafood, margarine, etc. Hardly a week goes by without a report claiming that a particular food or activity will reduce cholesterol levels.
Hear an update on food and cholesterol. Discover why eating for a healthy heart is not as spartan and rigid as you thought.

4. Healthy Eating: Can It Prevent Cancer?
The most consistent finding is that a diet high in plant foods reduces the risks of most types of cancers, but can it prevent it? This talk explores some of the naturally occurring food chemicals or phytochemicals and how it enhances health and other lifestyle factors that help to reduce risks of cancer. Discover practical tips to healthier eating habits.

5. Nutrition and Fitness
Many people are physically fit but not nutritionally sound. Appropriate food taken before exercise helps one to exercise better and enjoy it. Find out how to improve your nutritional fitness, athletic performance and overall health and well-being.

6. Understanding Food and Nutrition Labels
Find out how to read food and nutrition labels and what it means to select healthier food products with this knowledge. Samples of food products will be brought in for participants to have a first hand practical experience of reading food and nutrition labels.

7. Overcoming Hypertension
Is it all about cutting down on salt to manage hypertension or high blood pressure? Research has shown that a diet adequate in other minerals like potassium and calcium can help to regulate blood pressure. Discover practical tips on how to have a healthier diet, rich in minerals like potassium and calcium to manage high blood pressure.

8. Simple Lifestyle Tips to Prevent Diabetes
“Does sugar cause diabetes? Can I only eat sour fruits?” “Must I take brown rice?” “Do I have to stop enjoying desserts?”
These questions and more will be answered and simple practical lifestyle and dietary tips will be shared to help prevent diabetes.


1.Sandwich Making Competition

In small groups of 2-3, put your hands together and make your own lunch. See who will win the most healthy and delicious sandwich and learn some simple practical tips on healthier eating habits.

Our Dietitian will render a short talk on Healthy Eating Habits, followed by instructions to the healthy sandwich making competition – 3 prizes to be won. Everyone will then get to enjoy their works of art.
Duration: 1 hour – 1 hour 30 mins
Lunch Time

2.Supermarket Tour

Shopping at the supermarket can be a healthy experience if you learn to shop smart and buy the right foods. Understanding simple nutrition and food labels is the Ist stage to smart shopping.
Let our Dietitian teach you how to read food and nutrition labels and what it means to select healthier food products with this knowledge. For greater interaction, a simple game can be played for small groups of 2 – 3, where participants are given some cash vouchers to purchase healthy foodstuffs with a theme in mind. The group with the healthiest combination of food wins another supermarket voucher. Everyone gets to keep their purchases.
Duration: 1 hour 30 mins
Max persons: 12
Location: Supermarket near client’s premises

DIY Health Intervention

1. DIY Weight Challenge (2 lunchtime talks)
Participants take the initiative to learn how to manage weight by attending the first talk entitled ‘Lose Weight, Not Life’ and attempt to apply what they have learnt and aim to lose at least ½-1 kg weight. A second talk is scheduled 3 weeks later to provide a follow up and give further tips about weight management.

2. DIY Cholesterol Lowering Challenge (2 lunch time talks, 1 review session and one blood test on site)
This is useful for participants of a company who had a recent health screening and know that their blood cholesterol levels are high and wish to lower it. They attend the first talk entitled ‘Look After Your Heart: A Nutrition Talk on Cholesterol’ that gives them information on how to reduce their blood cholesterol levels and improve blood lipids. The second nutrition talk will be held on site 1 month later to provide further information and a review of participants’ efforts to adjust their lifestyle and food. At the 4 month mark, a full lipid blood test (prepaid) will be taken on site and 2 weeks later, there will be a final session to explain and give out blood lipids results.