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    Dr Tan Jit Seng

    Join us at our Osteoporosis and Fall Prevention Festival Webinar!

    Find out more in this talk:

    Date: 19 November 2021
    Time: 11am – 12pm

    Innovations in Fall Prevention & Exercise

    In this talk, Dr Tan will introduce the smart phone app – WellFamily House which provides a screening for fall risk, home environmental assessment, and functional exercises to improve strength and balance of the older adult. The app also includes modules to improve memory, thereby decreasing fall risk. He will also introduce new home environmental fall monitor by SoundEye and the potential support from Sg Assist who can activate nearby volunteers.

    By Speaker: Dr Tan Jit Seng

    tah jit seng.png
    Director/Senior Home Care Physician, Advisor

    Lotus Eldercare

    Dr Tan Jit Seng is trained as a Medical Doctor since 2002 and has worked as a physician in Singapore throughout his career, with a short posting in West Bengal, India.

    Throughout his 20-year career in the medical field, Dr Tan has worked in public, private, military, and charitable organisation settings. He has extensive working experience from working in Intensive Care Units, hospital wards and specialized outpatient clinics, Emergency Department, Government Polyclinic, Transitional Care, Nursing Homes, Private GP clinics, Charitable Community Clinics Mobile Vaccination Teams and Home-Based Care services.

    Dr Tan Jit Seng is also a medical technologist supporting various Medtech development and its propagation and usage. He has started 2 Medtech companies as well in the past and served as Medical Advisors to several Medtech startups in Singapore.

    Dr Tan Jit Seng has also started a training academy in Yangon, Myanmar and write several publications. He is frequently invited to give talks on topics relating to Healthcare, Eldercare, Medical-related A.I. and Robotics. He had also chanced upon the MICE sector since 2019, being tasked as the Chairperson for Eldex Asia Events.

    Dr Tan Jit Seng has also been doing pro bono work in supporting charities and running projects for the Nonprofits. Apart from Medical work, he also served in various roles in Associations and other businesses.

    Dr Tan Jit Seng enjoys travelling and is an avid football fan of the English Premier League. He is highly creative and loves new challenges. Hence, he has helped started various public, private, and charitable services in the past.

    He is also a people’s person and look forward to work with colleagues from other countries and cultures. He is a team player and understands the importance of team-based effort, especially in the realms of Eldercare and Medtech developments.

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