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    e-GIRO Application for PCP Monthly Instalment


    Please note GIRO deduction is only for PCP monthly instalment invoice.
    For non PCP invoice, please make payment via bank transfer/internet banking.

    Please ensure your e-GIRO is successfully processed by end of the month to be in time for GIRO deduction by 12th of the following month for PCP instalment invoice. If not, please make payment by bank transfer/internet banking.

    Requirements for e-GIRO:

    •  Have internet banking access for the following banks.
      i)  Personal or Corporate Banking – DBS, OCBC, UOB, MayBank and Bank of China
      ii) Personal Banking only – StanChart, HSBC and ICBC
    •  If your company internet banking set up requires authoriser(s), please ensure your authoriser(s) is available to approve your e-Giro submission within 48 hours from your submission date and time, if not you will have to submit a new e-Giro application as the original submission will be invalid.
    1. On your desktop/laptop, login SATA CommHealth Corporate Management System (SCMS) select e-GIRO application. Do not login on your mobile phone (HP) to avoid compatibility issue.

    2. Select your “Bank”. Segment default as “Corporate”. If you are paying through your personal bank account, please select “Retail”.


    3. You will be redirected to your bank website to login.
    4. After login to your internet banking, select your bank account.

    5. Please do not set payment limit. If payment limit is mandatory, please enter sufficient limit to avoid unsuccessful monthly GIRO deduction.
    6. Please do not indicate “valid until” date to avoid expiry of GIRO and unsuccessful deduction.
    7. Once done, click on “Submit”. Do not close your browser. Please wait for a few seconds to be re-directed back to SATA CommHealth SCMS website otherwise your e-GIRO submission may be unsuccessful.

    *Additional approval may be required from your authoriser(s) depending on your internet banking setup. If your company internet banking set up requires additional authoriser(s) to approve, please request your authoriser(s) to approve within 48 hours from your submission date and time. If your authoriser(s) did not approve within 48 hours, please submit a new e-GIRO application again as the original application will be invalid.

    For DBS, under Ideal Dashboard, authoriser(s) to select Approvals and Direct Debit (DDA) to approve e-GIRO submission. Please refer to the DBS e-GIRO user guide for more information.

    For OCBC, under  Velocity Transactions, authoriser(s)  to select Pending Transactions and under Task List select Viewing “Maintenance” from the drop down to approve e-Giro submission. Please refer to OCBC e-GIRO website for more information.

    For UOB, under Infinity Dashboard “My Tasks” widget or from top menu bar “My Tasks”, authoriser(s) to approve e-GIRO submission

    Pls contact your bank if you need further assistance.

    8. Once e-GIRO is authorised, the request will be submitted to us. Your bank will notify you via SMS and/or Email once the request is successfully processed.

    9. If you received SMS and/or Email for unsuccessful e-GIRO application, please contact your bank to clarify and resubmit the application by repeating the above steps.
    10. If you require any assistance, kindly contact us for assistance via email:

    Points to note about your e-GIRO application:

    1.       When will the 1st GIRO deduction take effect?

    Once your eGIRO has been approved, we will attempt to deduct your current end month PCP instalment invoice by the 12th of the following month.

    Please do not make further payment to us unless we reached out to you for payment to avoid double/ overpayment.

    Sample illustration of your GIRO deduction:

    Date of eGIRO approvalDate of 1st eGIRO deductionInvoice Date of 1st eGIRO deduction
    Approved on 25th FebDeduction by 12th MarInvoice date 28th Feb
    Approved on 4th MarDeduction by 12th AprInvoice date 31st Mar
    2.       Why are there no deductions made from GIRO although my application has been approved? 

    If you have applied for a new GIRO arrangement, the earliest that we can deduct is your current end month PCP instalment invoice.

    Any outstanding invoice prior to eGIRO approval will not be included in the deduction.

    We request your payment by bank transfer or PayNow to our UEN*.

    *Always indicate your PCP account number and/or PCP invoice number

    If you are already on eGIRO, some common reasons for unsuccessful deductions are:

    • Insufficient balance in the GIRO account on the date of deduction
    • Deduction amount exceeding the GIRO payment limit set
    • Closure of GIRO account
    • Termination of the GIRO arrangement at the bank

    Please check with your bank for more information.


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