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    Employee e-Newsletter

    February 2023: In The Know

    We are back in 2023 with the 4th installment of our employee e-newsletter! 

    Page 2 – Win GV Movie Tickets When You Guess the Right Owner of Our Colleague’s Pets
    Page 3 – Our Bubbly Dr Laura Chats with us Over 5 Questions
    Page 4 – Learn How SATA CommHealth Staff Are Helping Migrant Workers through the Primary Care Plan
    Page 8 – We Recognise Our Monthly Rising Stars
    Page 10 – Our #HereToCare Highlights Feature Awards and Community Outreach
    Page 12 – Events We’ve Organised for the Community 

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    Year End 2022: In The Know

    It seems like time is passing by so quickly, making it all the more important to cherish every moment with each other, our families and friends. We had many special moments together at SATA too and on Page 4, we take you through 12 of them that made a huge impact to the community and staff as well. Talking about staff, on Page 3, our colleague Saraniyah aka Sara tells us how a shopping trip to Singapore for her ROM ended with her getting a job at SATA – what a turn of events! If you missed it… catch the full scoop on our in-person Osteoporosis & Fall Prevention Festival on Page 6. Got questions on personal data access and correction? Check out the guidelines on Page 9. To finish the year on a sweet note, we have a scrumptious Christmas Log Cake recipe for you to try on Page 10, along with a brand new e-cookbook that our Community Hub @ Fernvale colleagues and residents put together!

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    September 2022: In The Know

    In September’s edition of In The Know, you’ll find a little keepsake made up of photographs from our 75th Anniversary – a memento of us finally gathering and celebrating together after two whole years! Also, she’s rubbed shoulders with TV drama actors and now even President Halimah herself! Who is it? Find out on page 3 🙂 We also share a heart-warming story from one of our beneficiaries whose been under the care of our Homecare Staff Nurse since 2019 and how you can support us to reach out to more beneficiaries in need.

    Oh, there are prizes to win in this edition too 🙂

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    July 2022: In The Know

    It’s been a while in the making and we are very excited to share our revamped employee e-newsletter for July 2022. In our new bi-monthly edition, we seek to showcase a little something about different colleagues in each issue of our newsletter and to also go behind the scenes of various community projects that we are involved in as one SATA CommHealth team. You might find an opportunity to win a prize within the pages so read more to find out how. Enjoy!

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