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    • 3-Function Electric Hospital Bed with Dual Side Rails (Low Bed)

      $1,450.00 Incl. of GST

      The hospital beds that offer enhanced ergonomics, comfort, safety and ease-of-use and promote effective risk management.

    • Aluminium Mobile Foldable Commode

      $185.00 Incl. of GST


      • Foldable for easy transport and storage
      • Moulded plastic armrests and back support
      • Height adjustable
      • Removable commode pan
      • Removable Clip-on seat for easy cleaning
      • Rear caster wheels with integral brakes
      • Includes pail (with cover) and lid
    • APLUS Lightweight Detachable Wheelchair

      $410.00 Incl. of GST


      • Aluminum frame
      • Double crossbar frame provides additional strength
      • Assisted brake at push handle
      • Fold down backrest for easy storage & transportation
      • Flip-up and detachable armrest for easy lateral transfer
      • Swing away & detachable footrest comes with calf strap
      • Holding loop frame on armrest provides better accessibility
      • Tension back for better seating posture
      • Anti-tippers to prevent from falling backward
      • Rear wheels come with a light reflector
      • Comes with safety belt
      • Mesh breathable material
    • ASSURE Alcohol Wipes (Individually Wrapped) 20cm x 20cm, 100pcs/bag

      $18.00 Incl. of GST


      Assure Alcohol Wipes are saturated with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, suitable for all healthcare professionals to disinfect their hospital equipment and surfaces. 

    • ASSURE Bedpan With Cover, 1pcs

      $21.75 Incl. of GST


      ASSURE Bedpan with Cover is designed for patients who are unable to get out of bed to facilitate urinating or bowel movement. The contoured design allows for smooth gliding over bed linen while the cover prevents spillage and reduces odor. Made from plastic material for easy cleaning.

    • Assure Crepe Bandage, 15cm x 4.5m, 1rl

      $3.00 Incl. of GST


      A crepe bandage is a lightweight bandage that is generally applied to provide warmth, insulation and support in a variety of medical health situations. It can be used to treat sprains and strains, to help correct fractures and other bone problems in orthopedics, to serve as a compression bandage to support already bandaged varicose veins, and to support surgical gauze bandage dressings.

    • ASSURE First Aid Box, Complete, Large

      $99.00 Incl. of GST


      Large First Aid Kit mainly for use at home & offices. Made from ABS plastic. 

      Includes delivery.

    • ASSURE First Aid Box, Refill (100 Pax), Box C

      $131.40 Incl. of GST


      Refill pack C for First Aid Kits. MOM compliant for 100 workers and below.

      Includes delivery.

    • ASSURE First Aid Box, Refill (50 Pax), Box B

      $73.85 Incl. of GST


      Refill pack B for First Aid Kits. MOM compliant for 50 workers and below.


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