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    Health Screening Packages For CHAS Cardholders

      Health Screening Packages for Merdeka/Pioneer Generation (MG/PG) and CHAS cardholders

      Many chronic illnesses do not appear overnight but as a result of neglect of the general well-being of one’s health. Therefore, health screening is vital, especially as we grow older, to detect diseases, many of which do not produce early warning signs. These silent killers include diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol.

      Check out the health screening packages for the Merdeka/Pioneer Generation (MG/PG) and CHAS cardholders below. Find the best package that suits you or your loved ones. Go for regular health screening!

      Call 6244 6688 to book an appointment or find out more about our CHAS health screening packages. Bring along your MG, PG or CHAS Blue/Orange card for registration.

      Above prices apply only to MG, PG and CHAS card holders.

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