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    Health Talks: Healthy Lifestyle Recommendations

    SATA CommHealth believes in preventive healthcare and offers talks on nutrition and cooking demonstrations. Our talks are designed to inform and educate the public on healthy lifestyle recommendations and staying positive. They are listed below.

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    Caring Through Nutrition

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    1. Eating Healthy 9-5
    How do we eat healthy at work?
    Rushed mornings, no time for lunch, food-filled office pantries, business meals with clients, late dinners, long work hours……can make it difficult to eat healthily.
    And yet healthy eating at work can boost concentration, productivity and vitality. Get some practical ideas and recommendations on how to eat healthy 9-5.
    We also go back to the basics of the art of eating. Too often we rush through a meal in minutes & rush off to do something urgently. We have forgotten how food really tastes & where our sense of fullness means. We will also look at How we eat.

    2. Lose Weight, Not Life
    With countless diet products & programmes, it would seem easy to lose weight. However, many of these irresistible gimmicks simply do not deliver the results they promise. Get recommendations on how to manage weight in a healthy way that works.

    3. Look After Your Heart: A Nutrition Talk On Cholesterol
    Forget about what you know about eggs, seafood, margarine, etc. Hardly a week goes by without a report claiming that particular food or activity will reduce cholesterol levels.
    Hear an update on food and cholesterol. Discover why eating for a healthy heart is not as spartan and rigid as you thought.

    4. Healthy Eating: Can It Prevent Cancer?
    The most consistent finding is that a diet high in plant foods reduces the risks of most types of cancers, but can it prevent it? This talk explores some of the naturally occurring food chemicals or phytochemicals and how it enhances health and other lifestyle factors that help to reduce risks of cancer. Discover practical recommendations to healthier eating habits.

    5. Nutrition & Fitness
    Many people are physically fit but not nutritionally sound. Appropriate food taken before and after exercise helps one to exercise better, enjoy it and recover better. Find out how to plan food and drink before and after an exercise or sporting event.

    6. Understanding Food Labels & It’s Nutritional Meaning
    Find out how to read food labels and what it means to select healthier food products with this knowledge. Samples of food products will be brought in for participants to have a first-hand practical experience of reading food labels.

    7. Healthier Hair & Better Skin
    Is it all about using expensive hair conditioners and high-class cosmetics?
    The health of your hair and skin reflects the balance of nutrients and the general state of health. Although cleansing and moisturising is an important part of a skincare routine, it is not enough to just look after the surface. Find out what health-giving foods and healthy lifestyle habits are essential for healthier hair and better skin.

    8. Wellness For Women: A Guide To Good Nutrition For Women
    We start off by sharing Dan Buettner’s observations about the diet and lifestyles of healthy women who lived to a hundred years in his book – The Blue Zones. And thereafter learn that certain food and dietary patterns can assist in dealing with various health issues like osteoporosis, breast cancer, and weight gain in mid-life. Women should be more aware of their general health and the diseases that they are prone to.

    9. Menopause: Eating Well And Staying Cool
    You will receive food suggestions, supplement reviews and recommendations as well as natural strategies for dealing with the often disturbing and confusing symptoms of menopause.

    10. Overcoming Hypertension
    Is it all about cutting down on salt to manage hypertension or high blood pressure? Research has shown that a diet adequate in other minerals like potassium & calcium can help to regulate blood pressure. Discover practical tips on how to have a healthier diet, rich in minerals like potassium and calcium to manage high blood pressure.

    11. Simple Healthy Lifestyle Tips To Prevent/Manage Diabetes
    “Does sugar cause diabetes? Can I only eat sour fruits?…” “Must I take brown rice?” “Do I have to stop enjoying desserts?”
    These questions and more will be answered and simple practical healthy lifestyle and dietary tips will be shared to help prevent/manage diabetes.

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