Help our homecare patients during this vulnerable period

Vulnerable Seniors

Mr C is 78 years old and stays with his wife. He has weak legs and had a few falls. His elderly wife used to take care of him but now is in the hospital for the past few months.

Mr C is unsure of his medical conditions and forgets or takes the wrong medications, which is extremely dangerous! If he takes too many heart medications, it can be life-threatening also.

SATA homecare nurses were able to go to his house to help him with his meds and make sure his toilet is safe with proper grab bars.

Mr C is just one of the many vulnerable seniors at risk. We see unsteady seniors staying alone who are afraid to bath as they are afraid of falling. At a home visit, a nurse saw a poor old man with soiled pants crawling to reach for the door!

Some frail seniors have beds crawling with bed bugs. Many are poor and have problems buying food. Luckily, some charities are helping them for this.

When SATA helps them, some cost is subsidised by the government. But they need to pay an out-of-pocket sum of $4 or more. Most cannot afford and SATA absorbs this with charity dollars.

Covid-19 has caused old people medical conditions to worsen as they miss their doctor appointment. We need more donations to help these elderly. Please donate $4 or more to help.

Every dollar counts and no amount is too small:…/vunerable-seniors-covid19
For other ways to donate, please visit our donation page.

Thank you for your kind donations.

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