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    Healthy Life Card Membership

    The virtual Healthy Life Card (HLC) provides information that can be used in emergency situations. It contains drug
    allergy, blood type and emergency contact numbers. Simply log in and access to your e-HLC.

    Benefits of the Healthy Life Card (HLC):

    HLC members can enjoy 5% discount from the list price of our Health Screening Packages.

    There will be a 5% discount for the following services:

    • General Consultation: Acute and chronic conditions
    • Specialists: Respiratory specialist, Radiologist, Cardiologist, Gynaecologist
    • Diagnostic Imaging: X-Ray, Mammogram, Ultrasound, Bone Mineral Densitometry
    • Specialised Tests: Spirometry, ECG, Treadmill, Audiometry, Tonometry, Digital Retinal Photography, Diabetic Foot Screening
    • Laboratory Services: Anaemia screen, Arthritis screen, Diabetic screen, Thyroid screen, Tumour markers, etc.
    • Preventive Medicine: Vaccinations
    • Rehabilitation ServicesΒ 

    Email or click here to sign up as our HLC member today!

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