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    Healthy Life Club Membership

    The virtual Healthy Life Club (HLC) allows you to enjoy discounts on some of our services. Membership is free.

    Benefits of the Healthy Life Club (HLC):

    HLC members can enjoy 5% discount from the list price of our Health Screening Packages.

    • Health Screening Packages
    • General Consultation: Acute and chronic conditions
    • Specialists: Respiratory specialist, Radiologist, Cardiologist
    • Diagnostic Imaging: X-Ray, Mammogram, Ultrasound, Bone Mineral Densitometry
    • Laboratory Services: Anaemia screen, Arthritis screen, Diabetic screen, Thyroid screen, Tumour markers, etc.

    *HLC discount is not allowed to be used in conjunction with any other offers, special promotions, or discounts. Services and discount percentage are subject to change without prior notice. Please call 6244 6688 or email for details. 

    Click here to sign up as our HLC member or email us today!

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