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    Home and Centre-Based Services for Senior Healthcare


    Being a charity healthcare provider, SATA CommHealth is known for its active senior healthcare programmes and services in reaching out to the community. The organisation wants to do more in serving the seniors and vulnerable and aims to reach out to even more people who are in need of our medical services in order to build a healthy community.

    senior healthcare medical services


    For four days a week, our Doctors-On-Wheels team which is staffed by a doctor and nurses on site has been providing free and highly subsidised medical treatments to the needy elderly and underprivileged in the community since 2007.

    Homecare Services

    Launched in 2012, SATA CommHealth Homecare Services that consists of Home Medical, Home Nursing and Home Personal Care, is a programme that addresses the needs and demands of the immobile, homebound and physically disadvantaged. The programme focuses on alleviating the health care burdens and medical needs of the homebound, benefitting the immobile, physically impaired (ranging from mild to severe impairment) and non-ambulant persons. Medical care is also given to post-surgery or post-stroke discharged patients who require an extended period of rehabilitation and therapy. The aged sick (chronically ill) who are incapable of performing a range of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) will be assessed and provided with relevant home care nursing services. For the disadvantaged elderly patients, we offer home care and integrated social and senior healthcare so that they can age in place and with dignity.

    Rehabilitation Service

    SATA CommHealth offers a wide range of rehabilitation services which includes occupational therapy and physiotherapy services. The two therapy services are to facilitate a holistic road to recovery and providing patients with strategies that enable them to lead their life as independently as possible. Taking into account the importance of rehabilitation especially for seniors and wheelchair-bound, we mobilise wheelchair-friendly vehicles to ferry them to our Day Rehabilitation Centres.

    Community Hub @ Fernvale

    Officially opened in 2019, this one-stop service hub offers a suite of services (health, social and financial advice) to the residents living in and around Fernvale area. To meet the ever-changing needs of the residents, the community hub adopts a customer-centric approach to design and develop services to meet these needs and leverages on inter-agency collaborations to plug any service gaps.



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