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    Manage Your Pain With Therapy

      Manage Your Pain with our Therapy Sessions

      Do you have back or neck pain? Are your knees painful when walking? We are able to assess the cause of the pain at the shoulder, back, knee or other areas by performing x-rays and ultrasound. Our doctors and therapists will prescribe the right treatment plan to reduce or even eliminate or reduce the pain symptoms.

      Visit any of our medical centres for a comprehensive assessment today if you are still bothered by pain and we will arrange a therapy session for you after the assessment. Our therapists will help you on your journey to recovery or improved mobility effectively and you can start the activities that you have longed for.

      Pain assessment/therapy rates start from $25.68 (excludes prevailing charges).

      Pain assessment is available at all SATA CommHealth Medical Centres. Therapy sessions are held at SATA CommHealth medical centres @ Bedok and Woodlands.

      Call 6244 6688 for details or to book an appointment.

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