Jan/Feb 2021 Peak Magazine

Our Chairman Mr Stanley Sia talked about why he desires to make a long term impact on society by giving back in his own ways.

10 January 2021 Tamil Murasu

Dr Cheryl’s view on Penumoccocal Vaccination.

19 January 2021 Tamil Seithi

Fifty employees of the SATA CommHealth Health Organization were vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine.

21 January 2021 The Straits Times

Nursing Homes get ready to vaccinate residents.

23 January 2021 Channel News Asia

More volunteers needed to help reach out to seniors.

12 February 2021 Berita Harian

The article is about COVID-19 vaccine for seniors.

18 February 2021 Channel News Asia 

17 healthcare providers appointed for vaccination centres, roving teams.

19 February 2021 Straits Times Digital

17 healthcare providers appointed to run COVID-19 jab centres, mobile teams.

20 February 2021 Business Times

17 healthcare providers appointed to run 36 Covid-19 jab centres, 10 mobile teams.

20 February 2021 Straits Times

11 vaccination centres now open; 40 to be ready by end-April.

20 February 2021 Berita Harian 

17 healthcare providers appointed to run COVID-19 jab centres, mobile teams.

12 March 2021 Channels New Asia

Temasek Foundation to hand out 100,000 bottles of Vitamin D tablets. 

13 March 2021 Straits Times

Low-income households to get 2-month supply of vitamin D supplements.


15 March 2021 Straits Times

Initiative links Singapore Community up to help poor families. 

22 March 2021 Straits Times

A Champion of Inclusivity. 
(Miss Fathima Zohra undergoing rehabilitation at SATA CommHealth Woodlands Medical Centre.)

19 April 2021 Straits Times

Covid-19 vaccine take-up rate for seniors in Singapore expected to rise: Experts


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