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    Mobile Medical Services

    SATA CommHealth offers affordable primary and occupational healthcare services at your companyโ€™s doorstep through our dedicated Mobile Medical Services team that includes a fleet of x-ray buses and aย Mammo-On-Wheels bus. Made up of a nimble team of doctors, nurses, radiographers, clinic assistants and drivers, the mobile services team brings a wide range of services including health screening to assist in the early detection of chronic ailments like diabetes, hypertension and respiratory illnesses.

    We work closely with corporate clients to assist them in customising and designing a package most suited to your organisations’ needs such as health talks, workshops, vaccinations as well as comprehensive health screening at your employeesโ€™ convenience. This also includes diagnostic services such as x-rays, mammograms and audiometry.

    As a key partner of Health Promotion Board (HPB)โ€™s, the Mobile Services team has seen more than 250 companies in 2019 and 2020.

    Our Mobile Medical Services Include:

    1. Digital imaging services such as x-rays and mammograms
    2. Vaccinations such as flu, pneumococcal vaccinations
    3. Health Talks on topics such as Living a Healthy Lifestyle, Getting the Right Nutrition and Smoking Cessation
    4. Health Coaching to support individuals embark and remain on a healthier lifestyle
    5. Chronic Disease Management to help your employees manage their chronic care better with counselling and screening services
    6. Customised services under the WorkLife Programme


    Mobile Medical Services | Mammo-on-wheels

    Mobile Medical Vehicle


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