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    Monthly Donation

    Your Monthly Gift, Their Year-round Hope

    Monthly giving is a simple yet powerful way to make a lasting impact. By committing to a monthly donation, you provide a steady and reliable source of support that allows us to plan for the future, respond swiftly to emerging needs, and sustain our vital programmes throughout the year.

    Here’s how your monthly donation can make a difference:

    Consistent Impact: Your regular contributions empower us to maintain a steady flow of resources, ensuring that our initiatives continue without interruption.

    Sustained Growth: It provides stability needed to plan and expand our programmes, reaching more individuals and communities in need.

    Empowering Lives: Your commitment allow us to focus on long-terms solutions, creating lasting positive change in the lives of those we serve.

    How to be a monthly donor:

    It is simple to become a monthly donor. Choose an amount that aligns with your comfort, with a minimum of $10, knowing that every dollar makes a meaningful difference.

    Click here to set your recurring donation.

    Contact us at to find out more.

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