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    Osteoporosis and Fall Prevention Event Programme

    Our objective is to create awareness of osteoporosis and fall prevention.

    SATA CommHealth Osteoporosis & Fall Prevention Festival

    Falls are a common cause of injuries among older adults, and the incidence of falls increases sharply with age.

    In Singapore, approximately 8,000 seniors aged 65 and above, were admitted to restructured hospitals annually from 2013 to 2016, owing to falls. The number of hip fractures per year is projected to increase from 1,300 in 1998 to 9,000 in 2050.  

    In the first year following hip fractures, 33% become dependent or are admitted to nursing homes.  There is a mortality rate of 20-24%.

    The good news is that falls are preventable through clinical interventions and reducing risk factors.

    (Reference: International Osteoporosis Foundation)

    View our programme below. 
    This fully virtual event has officially ended.

    We are privileged to have Mr Tan Kiat How (Minister of State, Ministry of Communication and Information – Ministry of National Development, Adviser to East Coast GRC GROs) as our Guest of Honour. He will deliver his address at the festival’s official opening on 20 November.

    We wish to thank Mr Tan, Mr Ivan Oh, BBM (CCC Chairman), Mr Goh Pei Ming (CCMC Chairman), Ms Tan Cheng See, PBM (SCEC Chairman), Mr Mohd Fahmi Aliman (Mayor of South East CDC) and Mr Roy Chew Pei Wei (South East CDC General Manager) for making this event possible.

    To find out more about fall prevention, technology and osteoporosis, please click here on SATA CommHealth Facebook Page to watch the webinars by our distinguished panel of speakers.

    We hope this festival has provided useful information on osteoporosis and falls prevention. Thank you everyone who have participated in this successful virtual festival!

    Without prejudice to and in addition to any consent given to SATA CommHealth, participants at this webinar expressly agree to allow the use of video/audio recordings capturing your image or voice for promotional purposes. Attendees understand that the views expressed by any speakers, who are not under the employment of SATA CommHealth (“external speakers”), during the webinars are solely those of the presenters, and do not necessarily represent the views of the event organiser. Participants further agree that they are participating in the webinar at their own risk and SATA CommHealth will not be responsible or liable for any injuries or harm that you may sustain in relation to the webinar.


    19 November 2021

    20 November 2021

    21 November 2021

    10.00am – 11.00am 

    Dr Tim Xu Tianma

    Fall prevention in community-dwelling older adults:
    Translating research into practice

    (45 mins incl Q & A)

    (19 Nov 2021, 10-11am)

    Dr Aravind Kumar

    (45 mins incl Q & A)

    (20 Nov 2021, 10-11am)

    Dr Anandakumar Vellasamy

    Foot Problems in the Elderly
    (45 mins incl Q & A)

    (21 Nov 2021, 10-11am)

    11.00am – 12.00pm

    Dr Tan Jit Seng

    Innovations in
    Fall Prevention & Exercise
    (45 mins incl Q&A)

    (19 Nov 2021, 11-12pm)

    Mr Chris Hughes

    Falling and Drop Foot
    (45 mins incl Q&A)

    (21 Nov 2021, 11-12pm)

    12.00pm – 12.30pm




    Siti Zubaidah Yusoff
    Fraility and the Community
    (45 mins incl Q&A)

    (20 Nov 2021, 12-1pm)

    Mr Matthew Chew
    Live demonstration of
    Exo-Knee Brace
    (15 mins incl Q&A)

    (21 Nov 2021, 12-12.15pm)

    12.30pm – 1.00pm



    1.00pm – 2.00pm

    Ms Liow Min Choo

    Nutrition for Good
    Bone Health
    (45 mins incl Q&A)

    (19 Nov 2021, 1-2pm)

    Followed by

    Arrival & Opening Address by
    Mr. Tan Kiat How
    Minister of State,
    Ministry of Communication

    and Information,
    Ministry of National Development,
    Adviser to East Coast GRC GROs

    (20 Nov 2021, 1 -1.30pm)

    Followed By

    Team Strong Silvers 
    Workout and Fall Mitigation
    with Team Strong Silvers

    (30 mins incl. Q&A)

    (20 Nov 2021, 1.30-2pm)


    Ms Zoe Ang Xue Yi

    Falls Prevention and Exercises for Elderlies in the Community
    (45 mins incl. Q&A)

    (21 Nov 2021, 1-2pm)

    2.00pm – 3.00pm

    Ms Nadirah Binte Roslan
    Fall Prevention in the
    older adults

    (45 mins incl Q&A)

    (19 Nov 2021, 2-3pm)

    Dr Gurpal Singh

    Knee Pain in the Elderly
    (45 mins incl Q & A)

    (20 Nov 2021, 2-3pm)

    Ms Liyana Nabila Zainal

    Ensuring a safe home environment
    for your 
    loved ones
    (45 mins incl Q&A)

    (21 Nov 2021, 2-3pm)

    3.00pm – 4.00pm

    Ms Amanda Wong
    What’s wrong with my shoes?
    Footwear and falls prevention
    (45 mins incl. Q&A)

    (19 Nov 2021, 3-4pm)

    Ms Sutharani Selvam

    Fitness using technology is the
    new way to prevent fall

    (45 mins incl Q & A)

    (20 Nov 2021, 3-4pm)

    Ms Christabelle Ho
    Kickstart your active ageing journey and learn the ABC’s of exercises to improve your strength, balance, cardio, mobility & flexibility for a better quality of life!
    (45 mins incl. Q&A)

    (21 Nov 2021, 3-4pm)

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