ITE & Polytechnic Pre-admission Medical Checkup Q&A

Are you heading to one of our Medical Centres and Clinics for your health checks in January or April for the annual ITE/ Polytechnic admission? Here are some useful answers to your queries.

1) What are the operating hours for ITE/Polytechnic medical checks?

Monday – Friday : 8.30am to 5.00pm (Registration may close earlier depending on the volume of students)

Saturday : 8.30am to 1.00pm (surcharge $6) (Registration may close earlier depending on the volume of students)

Night clinic : 6.00pm to 9.00pm (surcharge $6) (Mon-Fri at Ang Mo Kio / Mon & Tue at Potong Pasir) (Registration may close earlier depending on the volume of students)

Students should endeavour to complete their medical screening as soon as possible and not wait till the submission deadline.

2) Do the students need to be accompanied by parents/guardian?


3) What are the documents required to undergo ITE/ Polytechnic medical checks for Singaporeans and foreigners?

Singaporeans and PR should bring their ITE/ Polytechnic Enrolment Form and NRIC.

Foreigners should bring their Polytechnic Enrolment Form and the original passport. Do bring along the IPA and Medical Form for the ICA Student Pass Medical Check.

Students are requested to bring along their Health Booklet.

All students are to bring their latest spectacles or contact lenses for the vision (eye) check.

4) Is fasting required for ITE/ Polytechnic medical checks?

Not required to fast.

5) In the event that one is not feeling well/under medication/having menstruation?

You can come for the medical checks upon recovering from the above. You should check with your ITE/ Polytechnic for the last date of medical report submission.

6) Female students who are having their menstrual cycle 

Female students who are menstruating can do all the tests except urine test which they will have to come back only at least three days after their menstrual cycle.

7) How should I be dressed for a chest X-Ray?

Students should not wear brassieres or upper body clothing or blouse that has strong prints, buttons or metal hooks which will affect the chest X-Ray. Students should tie up their long hair above the neck and remove any metal ornaments such as accessories, necklace or jewellery before the x-ray.

8) When can the students collect their medical reports from the medical centres?

Students can collect medical reports on the 3rd working day from the same clinic. If you opted for express service by paying an additional SGD20.00, the medical report can be collected on next working day.

9) When will SATA CommHealth be sending the medical reports directly to ITE/ Polytechnic?

SATA CommHealth will send the reports as per the agreement with the concerned ITE/ Polytechnic.

10) Is there any provision to make appointments to undergo ITE/ Polytechnic medical checks?

No, only by walk-in.

11) Can parents collect medical reports on behalf of the student?

Yes, with the proper authorisation letter signed by the student and please bring the NRIC of the student and the person collecting the report.

12) Do you accept CHAS/Civil Service/Medisave cards for payment for ITE/ Polytechnic medical checks?


13) What is the charge for purchasing an additional medical report?

$20 – It depends on which report, students are to check with the counter staff when they are at the medical centres.

14) From where can the students get ITE/ Polytechnic medical forms to undergo their medical checks at SATA CommHealth?

Please check with your ITE/ Polytechnic for more details regarding the forms.

15) Retest and abnomality

Should any tests detected abnormal reading, students will be informed to return for a retest and/or consultation with our doctor.  If the student did not return to the medical centre that they had visited within 2 weeks without any valid reasons upon informing them to do so, their medical forms will be stated as “unfit” and returned to the respective Poly.