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    Practical Innovations For Elders (PIE)

    Practical Innovations For Elders (PIE)

    The Practical Innovations For Elders (PIE) Room is officially opened on 15th April 2023.

    As more seniors value aging in place, it is important to ensure that the home environment is conducive and safe for them to realize their wishes. In addition to that, with technological advancement, more devices can be incorporated to assist seniors with their daily lives.

    The objectives of the PIE are to showcase:
    1) Ideas and devices for independent living
    2) Innovative technology to assist and facilitate independent living.
    3) Innovative rehab technology to enable rehab at home.
    4) Provide advice on SMART independent living.
    5) Beneficiaries can use the facilities and equipment to prepare for community reintegration.
    6) Technology to support off-site caregiving and monitoring.
    7) The target clienteles for the PIE are:
    8) Beneficiaries of our Day Rehabilitation Centre
    9) Public who are interested in renovating their home for SMART independent living.
    10) Organizations who are keen to adopt and try these devices.


    List of innovations introduced:
    a) The PIE Room* – Height adjustable kitchen, Therapeutic interventions using Virtual Reality.
    b) YDB Airbag Vest – A vest that inflates to prevent serious injuries like hip and spine fractures. It can also protect against head injuries.
    ci) RedDot Wound Care (Utilised by our Home Nursing Service) – Specialist wound care service provider that aims to manage complex and hard-to-heal wounds.
    cii) Portable Bath for Homecare Patients (Utilised by our Home Nursing Service)- Allows bed-bound clients to be bathed at home.
    d) The Digital Brain Function Screen (DBFS) – ItΒ is a medical grade assessment that tests for early brain function decline (even before you start to show noticeable symptoms).

    *The PIE room is available for viewing by appointment on weekdays at 351, Chai Chee Street Singapore 468982. Please call 6244 6732 to book an appointment during office hours 9am – 12pm and 2pm – 5pm.

    For any other interest on above besides PIE room, please call our hotline 6244 6688.

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