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    Preventive Healthcare

    Here at SATA CommHealth, as a community healthcare provider, we are committed to enhancing the health and welfare of seniors and vulnerable populations, including migrant workers. These groups often encounter challenges in accessing healthcare due to language barriers and a lack of awareness regarding preventive measures.

    To help them tackle these issues, we have launched a targeted preventive advocacy program tailored to address the needs of these beneficiaries.

    Our initiatives include:

    • Conducting culturally sensitive workshops and information sessions aimed at educating our beneficiaries on the importance of preventive healthcare and regular check-ups.
    • Organising community outreach events at locations frequented by migrant workers and distributing educational materials in multiple languages.
    • Developing targeted awareness campaigns that address the specific healthcare needs of the beneficiaries and their communities, tailored to their unique circumstances.


    Your support is crucial in making these initiatives a reality.

    By contributing, you will directly help seniors and migrant workers get better access to essential healthcare resources and maintaining their well-being.

    Join us in making a meaningful difference on the health and well-being of these deserving communities.


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