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    Stander Assist-A-Tray

    $298.00 Incl. of GST

    Designed by Stander USA, Assist-A-Tray has a unique handle which helps users to get in and out of the sofa easily, and also includes a swivel tray table which can be used for reading or meals. It fits securely under your sofa and is a great companion for your living room.




    • Ergonomic safety handle makes standing and sitting easy and safe
    • 360 degrees swivel tray table with cup holder and utensil compartment
    • Adjusts in length and height to fit either side of your favourite couch or chair
    • Super grip rubber pads ensure stability and protect floor from damage
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    • Self-collection is not applicable


    • Height of tray: 66cm – 81cm (26” – 32”)
    • Height adjustment handle: 86cm – 102cm (34″ to 40″)
    • Base length adjustment: 51cm – 91.5cm (20″ to 36″)
    • Weight: 11.3 kg (25 lbs)
    • Size of tray: 41cm x 46cm (16″ x 18″)
    • Weight limit of tray: 13.6 kg (30 lbs)
    • Weight limit of handle: 113 kg (250 lbs)

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