What is Yellow Fever Infection?

Yellow fever is a viral infection spread by a particular type of mosquito. This infection is most common in areas of Africa and South America, affecting travellers to and residents of those areas.

In mild cases, yellow fever causes fever, headache, nausea and vomiting, but yellow fever can become more serious causing heart, liver and kidney problems along with bleeding (haemorrhage).

Who should have the Yellow Fever vaccination?

Required for travellers who are ≥1 year of age and within the preceding 6 days, have been in the country or in transit >12 hours in an airport located in countries with the risk of virus transmission like Africa or Central & South America.


One (1) dose given subcutaneously


On purchase, our staff will call you to acknowledge the order and assist to check the availability of vaccine in your preferred Medical Centre.

Certain vaccines may not be readily available at some Medical Centres, hence kindly wait for the confirmation call from our staff. 

Please bring the PayPal receipt as a proof of purchase on the day of vaccination.