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    Rehabilitation Services

    SATA CommHealth offers a wide range of rehabilitation services which includes occupational therapy and physiotherapy services.

    Both the Occupational and Physiotherapy services are here to facilitate a holistic road to recovery or offer strategies in enabling you to lead your life as independent as possible. The therapy services offered range from the following services for both and/or specialities.

    How do you get your referral?

    1. Walk-In Cases

    As a caregiver, if you feel that you are uncertain to care for your loved ones and would like to seek professional advice in transferring or other matters, you can call us to arrange for a therapy appointment.

    As an individual, if you have suffered any injuries such as stroke, soft tissue injuries like back pain, neck pain, etc. and is not certain of the treatment or activities to do post-injuries, you can also walk-in or call us to arrange an appointment to seek professional advice from our therapists.

    2. Referral from GPs

    Referral from any general practitioner or your family doctor is also acceptable. To ease your recovery, from time to time, we will also give your doctor a call to update and monitor your rehab recovery.

    3. Referral from Agency of Integrated Care (AIC)

    For those clients who had just suffered an acute injury and just been discharged in an acute hospital but requires further rehabilitation, the acute institutions will typically refer you to AIC to refer you to the nearest rehabilitation centre. SATA CommHealth works closely with AIC in order to ensure that your case is well attended too and that your referral is attained with ease.

    Price Range*

    $10 – $134
    *Prices are after subsidies based on Means Testing eligibility

    Financial Assistance

    As an organisation that builds on the foundation to provide care despite the social-economic status, there are various financial assistance and avenues that are in place to assist you and/or your loved ones to receive therapy services with a peace of mind. Please feel free to call our centre or approach the staffs in any of the rehabilitation centres for further details.

    Click here to watch video on our tele-rehabilitation services.

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