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    SATA CommHealth 75th Anniversary

    Celebrate 75 Years of Being #HereToCare with SATA CommHealth

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    Come On A Journey With SATA CommHealth!

    This 2022, SATA CommHealth celebrates its 75th Anniversary and we invite you to come on a journey with us as we travel back to 1947 when SATA was first founded. Flip through years of our rich history where we feature key events and how together, we have served the community through various medical challenges over the past 75 years till today.

    How to view the e-book: Click on the image below. Simply use the grey tool bar below the e-book to zoom in (6th icon from the left) or flip the pages (2nd and 3rd icons from the left) or you may download the e-book (last icon from the left). We hope you enjoy the contents!

    Our Well Wishes for SATA CommHealth's 75th Anniversary!

    What are your wishes for our 75th Birthday? Here are some from our staff at SATA CommHealth! If you’d like to share a message, contact us at

    SATA CommHealth Turns 75 This Year!
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