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    Team Strong Silvers

    Join us at our Osteoporosis and Fall Prevention Festival Webinar!

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    Date: 20 November 2021
    Time: 1.30pm – 2pm

    Workout and Fall Mitigation with Team Strong Silvers

    The team will present a tabata workout session led by Victor and Mr. Ngai for 10 mins (participants are advised not to eat an hour before the workout and be properly hydrated). There will be a talk by Mr Robert Ho and a Fall Mitigation exercise session by Mr Ng.

    By Speaker: Team Strong Silvers

    Victor, Mr. Ngai, Mr Robert Ho, Mr Lee

    Team Strong Silvers, a senior citizens health and fitness interest group came together in October 2013, with the primary objective of encouraging senior citizens to age actively, and the younger generation to invest in the health earlier in life. Members of Team Strong Silvers comprise of a former national team weightlifter, a semi-retired jeweler and endurance sports enthusiast, a vehicle mechanic and former bodybuilder and wushu enthusiast, a retired teacher and table-tennis enthusiast, a swimming pool supervisor and competing triathlete, a technician and all-round fitness enthusiast and a martial arts instructor. They are capable of working out in any indoor or outdoor fitness facilities.

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