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    The Impact We Create for the Community: Primary Care Plan (PCP)

    The Impact SATA CommHealth Creates for Migrant Workers through the Primary Care Plan PCP

      The Impact SATA CommHealth Creates for Migrant Workers through the Primary Care Plan (PCP)

      SATA CommHealth Primary Care Plan for Migrant Workers. As of 31 January 2023, SATA CommHealth has enrolled 205,908 Migrant Workers onto the Primary Care Plan (PCP) to provide holistic medical services under MOM's PHS programme.

      When the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) introduced the new Primary Healthcare System (PHS), which provides accessible and affordable medical services for migrant workers (MWs), it came naturally to us to step forward again.

      SATA CommHealth medical staff were in the frontlines in 2020, conducting more than 34,000 COVID-19 tests for migrant workers in dormitories, and over 4,300 X-rays at the Community Isolation Facility at Singapore Expo. It was a large-scale mobilisation for an underserved community that revealed the need for affordable and immediate healthcare for migrant workers. 

      As of 31 January 2023, we have enrolled 205,908 migrant workers onto the Primary Care Plan to provide holistic medical services under MOM’s Primary Healthcare System.



      How has the project been going thus far? Our colleagues share their experience below:

      Mr Lum, Senior Assistant Director of Facilities at SATA CommHealth

      Mr Lum Hean Choong, Senior Assistant Director, Facilities:
      “SATA CommHealth is one of four MOM-appointed anchor operators, and we provide medical care to migrant workers within zones B, C, and D. Currently we are operating in 3 temporary sites and 2 dormitory-based clinics. It was challenging trying to get all 5 sites ready in time, but with great teamwork as well as brawn and brain work, we got it done!

      There was no respite as we moved on to designing our permanent location Medical Centres. With the experience of COVID-19 still fresh in our minds, the unique aspect of our design was to have separate zones for Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) and non-ARI patients with separate airflow and recyclable air to reduce any airborne virus transmission. Put simply, our Medical Centres will be pandemic ready for any new COVID variant.” 


      Dr Thulasi Chandran, Senior Family Physician, Clinical Services: Dr Thulasi Chandran, Senior Family Physician, Clinical Services
      “The conditions we see daily can range from as simple
      as ARI to as serious as myocardial infarction (heart attack). Through the Primary Care Plan, migrant workers are now receiving a holistic primary healthcare at the most affordable cost. For instance, migrant workers with chronic conditions such as Diabetes can obtain up to 3 months’ worth of medications at just $5.35. This group of patients also have access to services such as eye and foot screening to prevent long-term complications. 

      This new Primary Care Plan framework brings a paradigm shift in the primary care of our migrant workers. As pioneers, SATA CommHealth takes pride in spearheading this project. We are extremely grateful to our migrant workers for their role in making Singapore a better place to live in, and we would like to show our gratitude by being their healthcare provider to the best of our abilities.”


      Ms Jessica Carl San Miguel, Manager, Business Development, SATA CommHealth Ms Jessica Carl San Miguel, Manager, Business Development:
      “The Business Development team is responsible for overall account servicing, from account application, enrolment, up to billing management. Every company that hires migrant workers are required to open an account that will allow migrant worker employers to access our corporate portal. In this platform the employers will be able to conveniently manage the enrolment of each migrant worker’s Primary Care Plan.

      Together with MOM and other anchor operators, we faced several challenges in the beginning of this programme. The number of enrolments has exceeded what we anticipated and ensuring quality service for our patients is a challenge we face every day. Nonetheless, the provision of health care services is our top priority, and we keep improving our work process for migrant workers and their employers’ interests.”


      Mr Ong Han Hoon Hans, Operations Executive: “We encounter interesting things; from patients not having any money for doctor consultation to using terms like “water coming” to signify a runny nose, or “pointing to the throat” to ask if they are having a sore throat. Overtime, some migrant worker brothers got familiar with our operations and early comers would insist on helping to set up queue poles and chairs at the waiting area even when we tell them not to do so. As some of the clinics will be moving to permanent sites with better setup, we are looking forward to serving a much bigger migrant worker community.” 

      Mr Ong Han Hoon Hans, Operations Executive; Mr Henry Ding, Operations Manager, Facilities, SATA CommHealth


      Mr Henry Ding, Operations Manager, Facilities: “The long operating hours and high patient load is difficult at times but seeing our migrant worker brothers’ worried eyes turn to trusting happier eyes after we help them with their health issues lets us know we have made certain impact in their lives. Over time, we forge friendships with migrant workers. The Primary Care Plan is a good initiative for us to take care of our migrant worker brothers and as any good plan, it will take plenty of ‘sweat’ and effort to forge it. It’s just the beginning, and I look forward to the challenges to grow this project with Singapore and with SATA CommHealth.”


      Ms Menchu Landicho Mallari, Accounting Manager, Finance at SATA CommHealth on Primary Care Plan PCP for Migrant Workers.

      Ms Menchu Landicho Mallari, Accounting Manager, Finance (In red in image): “The Primary Care Plan is made affordable and flexible to employers by making it payable in regular monthly instalments. Our team had to think of innovative ways to ensure the employers can pay seamlessly by introducing our e-GIRO which will allow them to pay their monthly instalments accurately and timely. This has given us the opportunity to showcase our efforts to push for digitalisation.”

      Ms Enrica Yuan Shijia, Senior Executive, Operations at SATA CommHealth on Primary Care Plan PCP for Migrant Workers.






      Ms Enrica Yuan Shijia, Senior Executive, Operations:
      Working in the clinic for migrant workers allows me to see things in a different perspective. In one instance, a young man named Mr. S came to get medical treatment and asked if we could help him understand a letter from MOM. Mr S was diagnosed with a permanent disability following a workplace injury and has left his company since and is currently on special pass. We helped source for agencies to help with his insurance claims and after two months he received it and is going back to Bangladesh for good. He came in person, bowed deeply in thanks to us and we wished him the best of luck. Mr S’ story shows the importance of understanding and helping those in need, and it has been a valuable lesson in humility and perspective for everyone at the clinic.

      We have a wall of thank you cards given to us from migrant workers that serve as aThank you appreciation cards from Migrant Workers on Primary Care Plan for SATA CommHealth staff. beautiful reminder that many small acts of kindness and compassion go a long way in helping people in need. It’s a powerful message of hope and optimism, and it’s something that everyone should be grateful for.”


      Mr Lum shares: “Our migrant worker permanent clinic sites will be ready in phases from the month of March to April 2023.

      Having been a part of its gestation, we are all looking forward to its fruition where we can serve migrant workers in better facilities and provide a safe and comfortable working environment for our staff at SATA CommHealth.”


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