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    Youth Smoking Prevention Programme

    The number of underage smokers is on the rise. SATA CommHealth’s smoking prevention programme targets youths in the upper primary and lower secondary school age group.


    • Promote awareness of the harmful effects of smoking and passive smoking among youths in the upper primary and lower secondary aged 10 to 15 years old.
    • Address the misconception of smoking as a glamorous and socially acceptable activity.  Empower youths with refusal skills to smoking invitations.
    • Encourage youth participation in the development, implementation and management of smoking prevention campaigns.
    • Connect opinion leaders with their peers and to advocate a smoke-free lifestyle.
    • Foster family and community bonding between youths and support groups through effective communication and youth management.


    • Smoking Prevention Talks – We organise talks during school assemblies at primary and secondary schools to address the entire school populace about the ill effects of smoking.
    • ‘I-Dare’ Smoking Intervention Workshop – Complements the smoking prevention talks through follow-up peer-support for under-aged smokers to quit the habit, take up sports and other socially acceptable activities.
    • Smoke-Free Ambassadors Course for the Boys’ Brigade Singapore –  A day-long interactive learning programme involving games and other related activities during the school holidays.

    To find out more about our programme, please contact our Hotline at 6244 6688 or email us at

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