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    Zoe Ang Xue Yi

    Join us at our Osteoporosis and Fall Prevention Festival Webinar!

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    Date: 21 November 2021
    Time: 1pm – 2pm

    Falls Prevention Exercises for the Elderly in Community

    Recurrent falls is a common occurrence in many elderly. Fear of fall often results in a vicious cycle of immobility, deconditioning and increased risk of falling. The risk of falls can be reduced via simple balance and strengthening exercises. Find out how you can conduct these simple exercises in your neighbourhood and in the comforts of your home.

    By Speaker: Ms Zoe Ang Xue Yi

    Senior Physiotherapist

    SATA CommHealth

    Zoe graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic with a Diploma in Physiotherapy and went on to obtain her bachelor’s with Honours in Physiotherapy with SIT-TCD. In the past decade, Zoe has been predominantly working in the Community Hospital and Day Rehabilitation Centre setting, specializing in geriatric and community rehabilitation. She believes in empowering clients to take a more active role in their rehabilitation and therapy should assist patients in being more functional in their respective home and community environment.


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